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Nokia 3310

No, not the Nokia 3310 from 17 years ago (though you should probably avoid that too). I’m talking about the rebooted version of the popular handset that’s sweeping across the world. Everything You Need to Know About the New Nokia 3310 Everything You Need to Know About the New Nokia 3310 Nokia has launched a brand new version of the legendary 3310. This is the Nokia 3310 brought up to date for 2017, but with a heavy dose of nostalgia thrown in for good measure. 

Honestly, I’m not clear why anyone would buy this device, other than in a vain attempt to be a hipster:

  • It can’t run modern messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.
  • It runs on the 2G network, so won’t work in the United States.
  • There’s no front-facing camera. Forget taking selfies!
  • Typing text relies on the old-school T9 approach.
  • It doesn’t have any form of smart assistance.

If you buy one, you won’t look cool, you won’t look retro, and you won’t be the envy of your friends. You’ll just be a wally.



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